How To Determine Painting Prices that suit Your Budget

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October 10, 2016
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November 4, 2016

As you set your budget for a paint job, take into account that the project involves far more than merely the paint. Even though the paint will take up the majority of the budget, you also need to make allowances for the rollers, brushes and other materials that contribute to the total price tag. All of these things contribute to the overall painting prices you’ll be faced with throughout the lifespan of the project.

All of these aspects are available at various price points, allowing you to effectively tailor your shopping list to suit your budget. However, it is worth keeping in mind that when it comes to paint supplies, the rule of thumb is that you get what you paint for. If you want to determine how much to budget for painting prices, then read on.

Getting The Details Right for Accurate Painting Prices

In order to know how much you’ll have to budget for painting prices, you need to have accurate information at your fingertips. Start by measuring the height and width of each wall you intend to paint a specific colour. Now multiply the two measurements to determine the area of each wall. Add the areas together and you will have to total square footage for the specific colour.

This is a good foundation for determining how much you will need to budget for the paint job. If you would like an expert opinion, the team behind Spectrum Painters has been helping our clients enjoy excellent value for money for many years. Our painting contractors continue to set the standard for excellence in our industry, and continue to work hard to provide our clients with the excellent service they have come to expect from us.

For expert painting solutions for both residential and commercial properties, we are your number one choice. To learn more about us, and for a professional costing for specific paint jobs, speak to our team today. We look forward to making your next paint job a success.