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October 17, 2016
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November 12, 2016

What makes a great painting company? There are many aspects, but perhaps one of the most important ones is the demonstrated desire from painting contractors to deliver tangible value to the clients. At Spectrum Painters, we have worked hard to become one of the leading residential and commercial painting contractors in Durban.


Our hard won reputation has been achieved through our dedication to excellence, and to always going the extra mile to provide our clients with the great value and service that they have come to expect from us. Through a combination of excellent craftsmanship and attention to your specific goals, we can transform the spaces that are most important to you.


Spectrum Painting Contractors – Delivering On The Results You’re After


Over the years we have developed a service offering that provides our clients with the solutions needed for our specific area. Coastal cities are always a challenge to operate in, but our painting contractors know what it takes to keep our clients’ homes and properties looking good and protected from the harsh Durban elements.


Thanks to our dedication of delivering the very highest quality workmanship, we continue to lead the way forward in cutting edge innovation. Whether you need commercial, residential or industrial painting solutions, we are your first choice. Let us help you protect your property from the relentless onslaught of South Africa’s weather.


Save On Your Professional Paint Job from Leading Painting Contractors in Durban


Thanks to our large industry presence, we are also able to keep our rates as competitive as possible. This ensures that as many people as possible are able to access our painting services, and to benefit from expert solutions from true industry professionals.


So contact us today to learn more about our value adding services and solutions, and to find out how we can help you get more from your painting investment. We look forward to providing you with the great quality paint job your property needs to stand tall for many years to come.