Residential Painting

Expert Residential Painting Contractors in Durban

We know that your residential complex or estate is your sanctuary. It should be aesthetically pleasing and inviting, a refuge from the humdrum of everyday life. For many years, our residential painting contractors have been servicing Durban areas, providing beautiful and quality paint jobs.

If you find it’s time to spruce up your building’s exterior paint job, our professional painting contractors assist not only in actually applying the paint to your walls, but also help in making the choices on colours and paint types to best suit your vision. We have built a team of seasoned painting professionals that collectively bring unmatched passion to the painting industry.

Spectrum Painting - Commercial Painting
Spectrum Painting - Residential Painting

Get Professional Painting Contractors On Your Team

In the long run, you want a paint job that is capable of standing the test of time. We all know the KwaZulu-Natal climate can be unforgiving, and you want seasoned professional residential painting contractors with years of experience working on your building. We are dedicated to helping you make an informed and educated decision on your exterior paint job.

Once you decide on an optimal paint and colour for your building, we’ll take it from there and work hard to bring your painting vision to life. We’ve never shied away from hard work, and bring the same level of dedication and passion to all body corporate complexes, estates and office blocks.

When you contact us, we’ll happily provide you with a free painting quotation and colour guide to help you make the best painting decision for your Building. We always go the extra mile in providing our clients with the great service and solutions they expect from leading residential estate painting contractors. To learn more about our team, and for all the information you need to make an informed decision, speak to Spectrum Painters today!

Need a Quote on Professional Residential Painting in Durban?

Residential Painting
Residential Painting

Spectrum Professional Painting Contractors – We Use Only The Best

Our professional painters follow strict procedure guidelines and apply only the finest paints & materials from manufacturers such as Plascon, Dulux, Prominent & Dekade applied in very strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Residential Painting
Professional Painting - Residential

Free Colour Guide Consultations

Choosing the right colours to use on a painting job is seldom an easy task, and colour is always such a very personal choice. Should you decide to accept our painting quotation, we do offer colour advice on all of our projects. This would include a free consultation, bringing with us many colour swatches from which to choose your exact paint colours. Before we come to site, we would also encourage you to look online at the Dulux, Plascon, Prominent & Dekade paint websites and their exciting colour palettes, and also the Virtual Painters sites and apps, for more great inspiration and the latest trends in painting.

Spectrum Painters will follow this up by applying up to three of your chosen colour samples to selected surfaces. This will allow you to see the end result in both daylight and artificial light before making an informed final decision.