Things You Didn’t Know About Painting Services

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October 7, 2016
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October 17, 2016

Every decade or so, most homes require a new coat of paint. Slapping a fresh paint job on your home helps protect it from the elements while also keeping it looking good. In the end, it just helps you to enjoy your home even more. However, painting your home by yourself is a far larger undertaking than it might sound. This is why many homeowners, and property owners in general, prefer to hire professional painting services to see the job through from inception to completion.


Aside from the physical labour of the service, which is a great advantage, you can also look forward to benefitting from the services’ expertise and insights into the painting industry. Painting contractors know what paints work well on the exterior and the interior, and can even advise you on colour combinations. Let’s take a closer look at some things you may not have known about painting services.


Professional painting services will probably have a team of three to four people working on your home at any given time. That is three times the hands that you can pull together on your own. Do you think you can finish the job faster on your own? Probably not.


Painters need to constantly balance while standing on tall ladders. They climb roofs for a living, lean out windows and do other dangerous things to get the job done. They are experienced in the latest safety techniques to keep them and their crew safe while on the job.


When you hire professional painters to paint your home, you have recourse to follow if you aren’t entirely happy with the end result. You can address the issue with the KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders’ Association, or the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry. When you do the job yourself, you have no one to blame for flopped paint job other than yourself.

At Spectrum Painters, we are members of various professional bodies and industry watchdogs, including those mentioned previously. For expert painting services for your commercial or residential properties, we are your first call.